5 Essential Oils for Bruises Treatment

essential oil for bruises

bruises..There is nothing more annoying than a big or small, blue, yellow or brown color patches called bruises occur on the skin. All of you might have experienced bruises at some point in your lives.

Bruises normally happen after injury from hitting yourself but without cutting the skin. Bruises can cause several symptoms such as pain, swelling, inflammation, tenderness and discoloration. The minor type of bruises usually go away on their own but if you want to get relief fast, essential oils can help you in this.

Essential Oils for Bruises

You might be thinking that how essential oils can help in treating the bruises. Isn’t it? Let me tell you guys that there are some effective essential oils for bruises which can heal the symptoms fast and give you instant relief. Essential oils are the highly concentrated liquid of plant extracts obtained through distillation and mechanical expressions of aromatic parts of the plant such as the tree bark, leaves, stem, flowers, root and resin. Essential oils have powerful therapeutic properties that make them the powerful healing agent. Essentials oils for bruises treatment are useful due to following reasons. Essential oils help in-:



  • healing the bruises
  • reducing swelling
  • relieving the pain
  • fading discoloration
  • increasing blood circulation
  • soothing the irritated skin
  • minimizing tenderness

Top 5 essential oils for bruises

If you want to heal the symptoms of bruises fast with some natural remedies, you are at the right place. Today, we are going to tell you the most effective 5 essential oils for bruises which will give you quick relief.

cypress oil1. Cypress essential oils -: Cypress is less popular oil than lavender and lemongrass but it is as effective as these oils are in treating your skin problems. Typically, cypress essential oil is used to treat minor skin wounds. Additionally, it is also used in treating stretch marks, cellulite and other skin problems. This oil works with blood flow so it is the best for treating bruises.

Method -: Simply apply ice to the bruised area and then apply the mixture of cypress essential oils and carrier oil directly on the affected parts. You can repeat this activity several times in a day for better results. For optimal results, cypress oils should be applied when the bruises occurred.

-lavender-oil2. Lavender essential oil -: Another name comes in the list of essential oils for bruises is lavender oil. There are many benefits of lavender oils that’s why many people keep this oils in the home as a traditional medicine. One of the major benefits of lavender oil is that it treats bruises.

Method -: You need to use ice cubes to compress the affected bruise and then apply lavender oil and carrier oil. Do not apply ice directly on the skin. Wrap it in a cotton cloth and then place it on the affected skin

lemongrass-oil3. Lemongrass essential oils -: Lemongrass is another effective essential oils for bruises. It is good for relieving the pain and swelling associated with bruises. It not only reduces the pain but also repairs the damaged tissues. It will also speed up the healing process.

Method -: Take few drops of lavender oil and mix it with some carrier oil and then apply on the affected parts of the skin. You can repeat this process 2-3 times in a day for better results.

4. Geranium oil -: This essential oil is very useful in curing skin tissues damages. So, it is also useful in treating bruises. This oil is well known for treating various skin problems such as skin infections and bruises.

Method –: The method is same as for other essential oils. Simply mix geranium oil with some carrier oil and then apply on the bruised area. Give a soft massage in order to speed up the healing process.

5. Roman chamomile -: One of the effective essential oils for treating bruises is roman chamomile oil. This is very effective oil for treating various skin issues including bruises. It’s efficiency increases when mixed it with other essential oils. It not only relieves the pain but also accelerates the loss of bruising. Chamomile-oil

Method –: Add some essential oils in roman chamomile oil and then apply on the affected skin. This will reduce the pain and treat the bruises quickly within some days.

Essentials oils for bruises treatment are one of the effective ways of getting rid of them fast. You can easily apply them at home. So, whenever you get this problem, simply apply essential oils and get relief fast.

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