Natural medicines are in high demand these days, but, it won’t be justifiable if you just follow the crowd without knowing enough of them. Centuries ago, the allopathic pills attracted the world with its instant effectiveness. Most of our ancestors without even thinking about the long term impact of these on their health followed the bandwagon. The results can be seen in the deteriorating health of an average person. Today, everybody is ill and suffering. Not only aged people are struggling for a good health, but, even children have low immunity and suffer from frequent illness. It is very hard to find a person who is perfectly healthy with no disease.  What do you think is the reason behind it? Despite thousands of pharmaceutical industries and millions of medicines present in the market, the number of diseases is rising like never before. Do you know which one should you use- natural pills or allopathic pills? Can you find the relation between your health and allopathic medicines?

downloadEven a blind can find a direct implication of increasing number allopathic drugs and number of diseases after knowing about the side effects of it. We will discuss the impact of allopathic drugs on human health, a factual comparison between natural pills vs. pharmaceutical pills and a lot more about healing humans. Let us first see what allopathic drugs are and why the world turned towards them. After this, we will discuss what natural pills have in store for us. With this, you will be able to see the clear difference between natural pills vs. pharmaceutical pills. After looking at the difference, you will also get to know the easiest way to heal your body with nature. Yes, today it is comparatively easy to use natural pills vs. pharmaceutical pills.

Allopathic drugs took over the world on discovery because they were instantly effective. You can get relief in pain and other problems on taking a few pills. This is the selling point of pharmaceutical pills. Who doesn’t want to cure their problems instantly? Yes, everyone wants to get instant relief, but can you sacrifice your future health for the sake of a few hours of relief?  Is it a wise idea to take pills that just suppress the symptoms of a disease rather than curing it? Pharmaceutical pills only suppress the symptoms of the disease and that too for only the time you take pills. In no way it contributes to the improvement of human health. However, in dealing with chronic problems, allopathic drugs have quite a good role. But, on contrary to this, the allopathic drugs have a direct impact on human immune system. Your immunity is compromised every time you take help from an allopathic drug. We will see how it is better with natural pills vs. pharmaceutical pills.

NTR-Foods-are-better-than-pills-1024x432Talking about natural pills, they are made up of natural herbs and other such natural products. Because natural products are better accepted by our body, we can relax about the digestion and acceptability. Also, it is famous about herbs and natural pills that they are free from side effects. The biggest ancient science proving the same is ayurveda. Ayurveda is a scientific way of using herbs to make natural pills. People used nature to heal their bodies in various forms in ancient times before the invention of pharmaceutical pills. Even today, those who really care about their health are using nature as a healer, but today they are available in the form of natural pills. This makes it easy to use the nature’s healing capabilities. This is a result of increase in demand of natural and ayurvedic pills.

green-pills-with-leaves-insideNow when you have seen the basics of both the medicinal sciences, it is time we look at natural pills vs. pharmaceutical pills. We will compare the two on the basis of some crucial aspects and these will help you decide which on should you choose- natural pills vs. pharmaceutical pills. Have a look and at the end of this discussion, you will be able to answer all the questions about natural pills vs. pharmaceutical pills.

  • Safety is a key issue that has to be considered while taking in anything. Be it medicine or food, you have to be sure that it is going to be safe for your body. As far as natural medicines are concerned, they are famous for safety and side effect free treatment. And if you think pharmaceutical drugs are safe because they are approved by an authorizing agency, think again. Over the years, the credibility of the FDA has noticeably gone down and many have doubts on the products approved by it. Even critics are suggesting that this agency is too eager to please pharmaceutical companies. The same is the case with your doctors. Because of high commission or some other reasons, your doctor might prescribe you a drug that isn’t really required. So, you cannot trust anyone and if you want a really healthy body, you have to work on your own. There have been reports suggesting the irreversible and temporary side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. It is because of these revelations that we can see kind of a repulsion being created for these drugs. This is a major point that leads to the clear defeat of allopathic drugs in the debate of natural pills vs. pharmaceutical pills.Natural-Medicines-1440x675
  • Effectiveness is another aspect on the basis of which we can compare the two medicinal sciences. Allopathic drugs are effective, but only for a short period of time. You will get fast relief, but, that relief won’t be long lasting. However, ayurvedic or natural medicines are effective and since they cure the problem from its root, you can expect some long term benefits.
  • FDAAllopathic drugs can have an adverse impact on your natural disease fighting capability, i.e. immune system. However, natural pills will help you improve the immunity. Because every natural pill is a combination of highly nutritious and healing herbs, it nourishes your body from head to toe. An ability of natural pills is to enhance your overall health and immunity.
  • These were only a few advantages of natural pills or allopathic pills. Last but not the least, we would only say that natural pills are for long term health while allopathic drugs are for damaging the same. You can see your health deteriorating and your life span will gradually shorten because of continuous exposure to diseases every now and then. So, natural pills vs. pharmaceutical pills is analogically similar to long and healthy life vs. diseases life.

Mensclinic-Blog_1-1024x536I think these facts were more than enough to declare natural pills a winner out of natural pills vs. pharmaceutical pills. Now, if you really think it is high time you stop sacrificing your health, you should go for natural pills. Our ancestors struggled to find out medicinal herbs. After finding the required herb, they also used to have a tough time preparing a medicine. But, because of the sudden increase in demand and more and more people opting for natural pills, one can easily get the pills. One such easy way is to go for ayurvedic medicines. Ayurveda is the purest form of natural medicine, and also a scientific one. it is trusted in most of the Asian countries and since its base is nature’s healing capabilities, you can trust it for safety. Also, companies like paramanand ayurveda are making it easy for people to use ayurveda and natural pills by prescribing medicines over a phone call. Yes, you can now call paramanand ayurveda and talk straight to the team of doctors. Whether it is about getting the right information about any natural pill, or it is about curing a disease with ayurveda and natural medicine, these doctors assist you at each step and for every problem.

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